Poolcare Leisure is at the forefront of new developments and innovation in the field of pools, spas, and wellness area needs.

We believe that new technologies and practices be utilised to deliver an effective maintenance service that will cover all your individual requirements.

Poolcare Leisure’s engineers are trained to a high standard of customer service and technical skills to ensure that we deliver and provide a trusted service.

Poolcare Leisure Engineering Service provides, pool & spa construction, filtration systems, chemical dosing controls, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, dehumidification ventilation systems, steam rooms and saunas. 

With our Engineering service and Project Management team working collectively as one providing a seamless service, your new pool, spa, or wellness creation is not that far away and built to the highest standard.

Knowing what looks great is one thing but understanding what is practical is another. Amalgamating look and feel with practicality to create your vision on time and on budget is a key part of our approach.