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Steam Rooms

Steam rooms  provide many benefits to its users. The main benefit is hyperthermia, which aids the body in detoxification.

By creating an “artificial fever,” steam rooms elevate the body's temperature, which in turn speeds up metabolism and blood flow. This increased metabolism and blood flow stimulates muscles, getting them to release stored toxins. The environment is responsible for exposing your body to toxins like heavy metals and chemicals; your health benefits from these toxins being released.

Detoxification can help the endocrine, immune, and cardiovascular system, among others. It increases blood flow and can also help with respiratory problems.

Other benefits of steam rooms include detoxifying skin and calorie burning.

When installing a steam room, the steam generator is the most important piece of equipment you'll select. But how do you select a good steam generator for your steam room? Consider the following guidelines.

• How large is your steam room? A larger, more powerful steam generator will power a larger room, and vice versa. Make sure you carefully measure and figure out the cubic feet of your steam room before selecting a steam generator
• What is your steam room made of? Different building materials may require larger generators. For example, fiberglass and cultured marble require smaller generators than porcelain tile
• How much do you want to spend? Steam generators can fluctuate wildly in price, but they all get the job done. Figure out a budget and let that help guide you
• What kinds of amenities do you want your generator to have? If it matters to you what the generator looks like, where the controls are located, and other aspects of this nature, you may want to look at a deluxe steam generator rather than a standard one

Here at Pool Care we provide a complete installation and maintenance for Steam rooms nationwide. From all in one ready made steam rooms to custom built bespoke specification we can help with your project from planning to installation.